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Gyroland is a recently launched Greek Takeaway Restaurant, already famous in Portsmouth because of its Delicious Gyros Wraps.

From The Client

“SocialAdd never stops surprising us in every step of the way! They have gone the extra mile for Gyroland every time, and nearly always over-deliver because they seem to actually care about the success of Gyroland. Also, one great point is Communication. It is great to know that SocialAdd always has our back!”



To make people come and try Gyros and build a solid customer base.


In SocialAdd we know Marketing and we definitely know Gyros, so we knew from the early start that we would need to make use of Viral Marketing methods to increase Brand Awareness for Gyroland.
Although, the first step was to form Gyroland's web presence and give a shape to the brand in order to be able to spread that out to the world later.


Gyroland is now famous for its Gyros throughout Portsmouth. while there are occasions where customers drive for over an hour to visit Gyroland.
During the first week after its launch with only approximately 20 Likes on its Facebook Page, a short Video showing how a Gyros Wrap is made reached over 140.000 people without any paid promotion, causing an explosion in Gyroland's popularity.

Organic - Not Paid

140.000+ Reached

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